Resetting Aviation's
Climate Legacy

Carbon Accounting
Emissions Management

It Starts with Measurement

The Journey to make your operations Net Zero or Carbon Neutral starts with understanding and measuring your carbon footprint.

Azzera’s common carbon accounting follows the GHG methodology in full accordance with the World Business Council for Sustainability Development (WBCSD) and World Resources Institute’s (WRI) “Green House Gas Protocol” (GHGP).

How Do We Measure GHG Emissions?

The GHGP is the most widely used international carbon calculation methodology compatible with other GHG standards such as ISO 14064, which also allows for direct integration with national and international GHG registries. 

Reducing Air Travel Emissions

A Net Zero goal is an aspiration to reduce emissions and Azzera uses existing standards such as SBTi to help you define long-term goals of reduction. We’ll help you set your Baseline and set science-based targets and KPIs to plan your journey.

Furthermore, by Leveraging the Azzera Book-and-Claim ledger, you can access Sustainable aviation fuel emission reduction benefits no matter where you are flying from.

Azzera assesses quality, procures and retires SAFc credits on your behalf. We will help you with the necessary chain of custody paperwork.



End-to-End Compliance Manager

In addition to emission measurement and reduction, most operators currently spend hundreds of man-hours on compliance management. Azzera will be your end-to-end compliance manager facilitating emissions measurement and reporting for EU and UK Emissions Trading Scheme, CORSIA and procuring compliance allowances.
You can also improve your compliance strategy by incorporating SAFc. We will support you in claiming those reductions. 

Voluntary Compensation

After measuring and reducing your carbon footprint there are optional pathways to introduce sustainable action utilizing voluntary carbon credits.

You can use Azzera Online Marketplace or request a unique Offset Portfolio to claim Carbon Neutrality for your operations.  


Communicate Your Actions


Azzera provides an exclusive certificate to verify purchase and retirement of your Carbon Offsets.

Media Content

As we share the good news on different media platforms we will help you with sending a clear message. 

Stakeholder Presentations

Demonstrating your climate action and presenting all benefits can sometimes be overwhelming. Azzera provides all necessary material and answers any additional questions.

compliance Services
We develop a unique,
custom-built solution for you.

Azzera compliance management team will be your EU and UK ETS account representatives fulfilling all requirements on your behalf.

Your dedicated expert will be available all year round providing necessary consultations and answering your questions 

Whether reporting Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly; The Azzera team will manage your reporting and verification process and procure compliance allowances with the most competitive rate.

Your expert will take control of all administrative actions including opening and managing registry accounts, retirement and surrender of credits and assigning third party review. 


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