Bujagali Hydropower Generation Project Carbon Offset

$4.00/ tonne

  • Stabilize electricity production and prices in Central Africa
  • Stimulate support for rural electrification programs in central Africa
  • Avoid the use of costly and unreliable diesel-fired generators for schools, universities and hospitals



Uganda has long suffered from a lack of electricity, and the problem has become acute in recent years. The Bujagali Hydropower Project is a run-of-river hydropower facility on the Victoria Nile in the Republic of Uganda. The total installed capacity of the project consists of five 51 MW turbines, which are estimated to supply 1,404 GWh per year to the local electricity grid. It is located at Dumbbell Island, approximately 8 km downstream (i.e. north) of the Town of Jinja.

Reliable access to electricity allows for offering better services for public institutions such as night classes at Universities and diagnostic tests at clinics. The project provides clean and reliable energy to the project create unskilled and semi-skilled job opportunities for Uganda workers. Additionally, the project spends an extra 2,8 million USD per year on projects ranging from environmental conservation to health and sanitation.


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