Monet Forest Conservation Carbon Offset

$25.00/ tonne

  • Protecting indigenous land from deforestation
  • Protecting endangered Caribou territory
  • This project demonstrates high financial additionality. Your investment really makes a difference.

Azzera Impact Score of 2.4 out of 5 as a quality indicator of project



The conservation project is located in Abitibi, a forest region of northern Quebec that has been highly harvested by forest companies over the last 75 years – and still is. It is located in the woodland caribou habitat, an endangered species threatened by anthropogenic activities, and in the traditional territory of Indigenous communities. It is a private property owned by Solifor. The project is the first VCS Conservation project in North America. It generates a low annual volume of VCUs— of the finest quality.

The project allows the conservation of a large boreal forest massif known as “Bloc Monet.” No harvesting activities will occur on that 106 km2 of boreal forest land between 2016 and 2076, thus generating about 7,500 verified carbon units or VCUs annually.


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