Regenerative Agriculture

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  • Permanently regenerate soil carbon stocks
  • Restores biodiversity in various habitats
  • Financing local farmers to transition towards regenerative agriculture.




Knuth Farms is a multi-generation operation which converted intensively tilled land to no-till starting in 2014. The farm operation is in Saunders County, Nebraska. Knuth Farms is practicing reduced tillage farming (no-till with occasional strip tillage), and they either own the lands they farm or have signed assignments from the landowners of record. There are 1715.19 acres are in the Nori program.

Through the adoption of regenerative soil management and crop production practices, food and fibre producers have the potential to draw CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in solid (organic or mineral) form in the earth’s topsoil layer. The recovered C is retained in the soil layer and increases both soil organic and mineral carbon in the topsoil.

Nori credits provide a way to finance farmers’ transition toward more respectful practices for our planet and the climate. Project developers use proprietary methodologies and tools to estimate carbon removal from the atmosphere and determine how many tonnes of CO2e have been removed from the atmosphere. Compared to previous practices. Tokens (credits) are issued representing one tonne of CO2e stored for a minimum of 10 years.

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