Azzera CELESTE: Embedding Sustainability into Aircraft Operations 

Founded in 2021, Azzera was created to make climate action effortless. Two years later, it stands as the leading provider of transformative solutions tailored to the industry’s unique challenges. Offering SAF solutions, compliance management, greenhouse gas emissions accounting, and carbon credits for compensation, Azzera is at the forefront of innovation. 

Among its pioneering endeavors is CELESTE, a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform meticulously crafted to redefine emissions management for aircraft operators and governments. With its groundbreaking technology, CELESTE adeptly categorizes flights into their respective carbon compliance markets—including the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), as well as Regional Emissions Trading Systems like the EU ETS, UK ETS, and CH ETS—ushering in unparalleled efficiency and time savings.  

Beyond simplifying compliance, CELESTE embodies Azzera’s vision for a Net Zero future, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for emissions measurement, compliance management, and access to solutions that promote sustainable aviation. 

The Inspiration Behind CELESTE 

If left unmitigated, the transportation sector could be set to generate 50% of worldwide emissions by 2050 while other sectors decarbonize faster. Governments around the globe have implemented different systems and taxes to counter this increase and put a price on GHG emissions. In recent years, commercial and business aircraft operators have faced increasing pressure from regulatory and compliance requirements.  

The most common compliance programs are emission trading schemes (ETS) in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, and ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). Azzera CELESTE is a software that combines all aviation sustainability services and compliance requirements into a single forum, while minimizing the need for any additional third-party. Designed by aviation experts for aviation experts, this platform is the only tool in the market that addresses all sustainability challenges in one place. 

Core Features of CELESTE 

At the heart of CELESTE’s success is its robust suite of core features, each designed to address specific challenges faced by aircraft operators in managing emissions and complying with regulatory frameworks. These features simplify complex processes and reduce both time and effort required from compliance teams. By automating critical tasks and providing precise, secured and real-time data management, CELESTE empowers operators to stay ahead in a regulatory environment that is both dynamic and demanding. 

Automatic Emissions Calculation and Real-Time Data Processing: By connecting directly with flight scheduling software via an API, CELESTE automatically receives and processes flight data to calculate emissions in real time. This automation minimizes manual data handling, reducing errors, and saving time. 

Automated Emissions Compliance Market Segregation: The platform categorizes emissions data automatically into the correct compliance markets (EU ETS, UK ETS, CH ETS, and CORSIA). This feature simplifies the compliance process, significantly reducing the workload for compliance managers and diminishing the need for extensive training and onboarding. It effectively allows managers to focus more on strategic tasks rather than operational details. 

Enhanced Management of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through CELESTE: CELESTE significantly improves the management of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by providing robust data collection and reporting tools. A vital feature of the platform is its ability to meticulously track SAF uptake and link it directly to specific mission IDs. This capability is particularly beneficial in light of the RefuelEU aviation mandates that from 2025, all aviation fuel provided at EU airports must contain a minimum share of SAF, with this requirement progressively increasing until 2050. 

CELESTE’s detailed tracking and reporting functionalities ensure that aircraft operators can easily verify and demonstrate compliance with these regulations by accurately documenting where and how much SAF was used for each flight. This not only simplifies compliance but also enhances the transparency and accountability of fuel usage, aligning with the EU’s climate targets for 2030 and 2050 and facilitating a smoother transition to greener fuel alternatives. 

Streamlined Access to Carbon Credits with CELESTE: CELESTE streamlines the process of acquiring carbon credits by providing direct access to suppliers for select projects, alongside facilitated access to over 12 million projects worldwide through Azzera experts. This extensive range allows operators to select high-quality carbon credits based on their preferences, ensuring compatibility with their sustainability goals. The Azzera Impact Score further aids operators by evaluating projects based on technical and financial criteria, making it easier to make informed choices. 

 To illustrate the practical benefits of CELESTE, let’s explore how it is being used by aircraft operators like Metrojet and ElitAvia. These case studies provide insight into how CELESTE addresses specific operational needs, streamlines compliance processes, and supports sustainability efforts within the aviation industry. 

Case Studies 

Metrojet’s Journey with CELESTE: Streamlining Compliance Across Markets 

Metrojet, a large-scale operator with a diverse fleet, faced significant challenges in managing emissions data across multiple compliance frameworks such as the EU ETS, UK ETS, and CORSIA. Using CELESTE allowed them to automatically segregate and validate huge volumes of flight data, ensuring accuracy and compliance without the substantial administrative overhead previously required. This integration not only saved them hundreds of hours but also significantly reduced the risk of compliance errors. 

ElitAvia’s Sustainable Journey Enabled by CELESTE 

ElitAvia has been dedicated to significantly reducing its environmental impact. By integrating CELESTE, they have not only managed to compensate for 100% of their charter emissions effortlessly but also enhanced their compliance with environmental regulations. The platform’s capabilities extend to directly managing and applying Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) credits, which has been crucial in achieving their sustainability goals. Additionally, the use of the Azzera Impact Score within CELESTE has enabled ElitAvia to make more informed decisions when selecting carbon credits projects, ensuring that they choose options that provide the best technical and financial benefits. This comprehensive approach has demonstrated substantial improvements in both operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. 


As the aviation industry continues its journey towards sustainability, platforms like Azzera CELESTE are pivotal in enabling operators to meet both current and future emissions management and compensation needs effectively. Through innovative technology and comprehensive service integration, CELESTE not only supports compliance with global emissions standards but also empowers operators to take proactive steps toward environmental responsibility. Azzera remains committed to advancing aviation sustainability, ensuring that operators have the tools they need to succeed in a greener future. 

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