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Manage your business’ climate impact using industry best practices

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Carbon Accounting

Our service helps businesses accurately track Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions, providing a detailed overview of direct, indirect, and value chain emissions. By integrating advanced data management tools and methodologies, Azzera ensures that your carbon accounting aligns with the highest standards, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
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Propose a tailored solution to reduce and compensate flight emissions

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Fly Beyond

By signing up, you can offer your clients the tools to mitigate their flight impacts using SAF and carbon credits. The Fly Beyond program enables you to compensate for 100% of your flight climate impact with a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits and reduce your climate impact through procuring Sustainable Aviation Fuel.
What We Offer

Expert Guidance for GHG Inventory Management

Measure, Mitigate and Communicate

Effortlessly track and manage your business’s carbon footprint with Azzera’s comprehensive carbon accounting services. Ensure compliance, enhance transparency, and drive your sustainability goals forward.

Accurate Emissions Measurement:

Using robust data collection and validation processes, we provide accurate measurement of emissions based on the GHG Protocol, covering all relevant aspects of your operations.

Compensating Emissions:

Options to compensate for direct emissions or all-inclusive coverage of Scope 1, 2, and 3 to cover all direct and indirect emissions through our carbon credit project portfolios, rated with Azzera’s impact score.

Marketing Material and Support:

Enhance transparency and stakeholder trust with professional marketing materials and ongoing support. Our resources include detailed project descriptions, impact reports, and promotional content to communicate your sustainability efforts effectively.

Fly Beyond

Offer SAF and Carbon Credits to your clients

Using post-flight data or Azzera’s flight emission calculator, you can accurately calculate flight emissions and use a customized portfolio of nature-based and technology-based projects to compensate for your flight impacts. Join Fly Beyond and showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship, making aviation more sustainable, one flight at a time.

Carbon Credit Project Consultation:

Personalized guidance to select the best carbon projects. Projects are rated through Azzera's impact score, and portfolios are customizable based on core values and preferences.

Dedicated Marketing Material:

Professional resources to promote your sustainability efforts, including transparent certificates and detailed information about projects. These materials are designed to be shared with the public, owners, and stakeholders to highlight your commitment to sustainability.

Invoice and Billing Setup:

Streamlined financial processes to ensure hassle-free transactions and record-keeping through Azzera Digital Solutions.

How Does
Fly Beyond Work?


Setup Your Account​

You provide the list of aircraft for the program, and we will provide you with a cost per hour for each.​


Bill Your Clients​

Propose the packages to your clients, and include the related cost of SAF and Carbon Credits in your quote.​


Share your claims​

We provide you the certificates to claim your climate action and help you market it to your client and stakeholders.​

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Utulizing Fly Beyond

GHG Calculators

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Azzera’s flight emissions calculator utilizes the largest private aircraft database to accurately calculate your flight carbon emissions and help mitigate your environmental impact. Designed for business aviation, this tool offers a streamlined process to determine your carbon footprint and provides effective solutions for emissions reduction and compensation.

Carbon Credit Marketplace

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Some emissions are difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. By purchasing carbon offsets, you can compensate for your emissions unavoidable emissions.

Each project is thoroughly evaluated and rated using the Azzera Impact Score, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in offsetting your carbon footprint. Explore our diverse portfolio and make a meaningful impact on the planet.
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The EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a pivotal regulation designed to align international trade with Europe's ambitious climate goals. Introduced in October 2023, CBAM ensures that the carbon emissions associated with imported goods are accounted for, similar to domestic production standards under the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS).
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