About Us

Our mission

Making your climate change response effortless

Whether you are required to comply to a carbon compliance scheme, are subject to upcoming legislation, or simply want to act against climate change, we can help. We offer retail, brokerage and trade solutions to access the voluntary and compliance markets.

We will provide peace-of-mind and quality assurance: our team of analysts assess and rate each project and supplier generating carbon credits.

We will offer transparent and visual support to communicate your net zero strategy by offering retirement certificates and supporting information as needed.

Who we are

We are business people. With over 25 years each as executives in corporate aviation, we encountered the challenges of measuring our emissions and trying to develop carbon reduction strategies for our clients. We measured, we bought alternative fuel, we bought allowances and offsets. We struggled. We believe that investing in the protection of our climate shouldn’t be a struggle. This is why we founded Azzera.

Puja Mahajan

CEO & Founder

Puja Mahajan is an experienced C-level executive who excels in building innovative and service oriented organizations. As Founder and CEO of Azzera her goal is to make sustainabilty effortless for her peers and clients. Azzera represents a return to the impactful work of her early career when she studied alternative fuels for fuel cells for the Canadian Department of National Defense and Ballard Power Systems in Vancouver Canada. Born in Canada, Puja is a citizen of the world, speaking 5 languages and having lived in 5 countries. Puja holds a B.Eng from McGill University with a minor in environmental engineering.
Nick Houseman


Nick Houseman is an investor and shareholder in several ventures. Born in Singapore and lived in 5 different countries, Nick has always been interested in international issues. As Advisor & Co-founder, Nick brings a wealth of experience, having founded several ventures and invested in several others he has had both success and failure across industries as diverse as aviation, marketing, app indexing, enhanced vision technology. He has seen the highs and lows that comes with starting a new venture. Nick has BA in economics and political science from McGill University in Montreal and an MBA from Concordia University in Montreal.
Fadi Albatal


As the Chief Technical Officer of Azzera, Fadi is leading the technology, vision, strategy, and managing the development of the Azzera technology platform. Fadi held executive positions in startups and global Fortune 100 companies with a focus in software products development and commercialization. Fadi Holds a MS in software engineering from ESIG.
Sebastien Lacube

Head of Carbon Offsets

Sebastien has a dual background as an entrepreneur and a researcher. Through his engineering degree and a Ph. D in Agricultural Sciences, he has built a strong knowledge of natural systems’ dynamics. Sebastien’s experience as an entrepreneur allows him to navigate both technical tasks and business development. At Azzera, Sebastien oversees the sourcing of quality offsets for our portfolio and builds relationships with suppliers and project developers. His concern about the impacts of climate change inspired him to work in a position where he could make a real difference.
Armin Nalavi

Head of Marketing

Armin is the Head of Marketing with a strong passion for environmental conservation and sustainability. As a part of Azzara’s team, Armin dedicates his time and effort to facilitating a carbon-neutral world and implementing net-zero strategies for everyone worldwide.
Anant Jain

Head of Carbon Compliance Market

Anant has a background in business development and research in the North American Carbon Markets: California-Quebec and RGGI. He takes a keen interest in interpreting market forces and regulations. At Azzera, he manages our compliance market solutions for businesses, supporting organizations with their carbon-compliance burdens in the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme, the California-Quebec carbon market, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel.”
Rani I. Jeannet

Director International
Business Development & Sales

Rani is an entrepreneur and expert in business growth. With an international background and expertise in different industries, his passion is to help businesses develop and establish successfully in existing and new markets. Based on a 360° approach, he combines strategy and execution, including the entire go-to-market process. His cross-cultural experience and pronounced soft skills are the base for his strength in networking and client relationship management. Rani is a Swiss-Lebanese speaking English, French, Arabic and German. He holds a master’s in architecture, an MBA in international management as well as executive studies in business strategy, growth and sustainability from IMD Lausanne. Rani aims to positively contribute to the ESG impact through a sustainable and circular economy.
Marjan Esbati

Head of Carbon Accounting

Marjan holds a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering, from Concordia University in Montreal and a Master of Engineering in Agricultural Biotechnology from Tehran University. Marjan has also successfully completed the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol courses for the quantifying GHG inventories and a true account of emission, reporting and offering mitigation measures. Marjan has joined as a Sustainability Manager focusing on helping our clients to evaluate their carbon footprint and manage their climate change impact by establishing long-term and interim emission reduction targets based on scientific principles. Her passion about environment inspired her to strive for raising awareness about climate risk, GHG emissions, consequences of emitting GHGs and the possible methods to compensate for it.
Jasmina Orsic About us 2
Jasmina Orsic

Head of Aviation Sustainability

As an experienced Business Aviation Director, Jasmina brings the know-how of business aviation operations and the point of view of Aircraft Operators and their Clients to the Azzera team. Apart from previously managing operational departments, Jasmina is also experienced in Aircraft Operator’s regulatory compliance concerns such as EU and Swiss ETS, UK ETS and CORSIA. Jasmina’s knowledge and leadership will bring true value-added benefits to Azzera’s client base when combining aviational operational concerns with sustainable action.

Our values

Naturally Challenging

We are challenging the status quo for our colleagues, employees and society.

Naturally Empowering

We empower people with the tools they need to effortlessly make an impact on climate change.

Naturally Balanced

We believe in balance. Not only between humankind and nature, but in every transaction, every meeting, and in all that we do everyday.

our vision

Azzera envisions a society that is Naturally Net Zero

Azzera will be the world’s first centralized carbon market spot exchange. Today, there is a lack of visibility as to where your money goes. Azzera will create a marketplace that brings suppliers and buyers directly together. You will have full transparency and knowledge of where your funds will go while you become net zero. Together, we can scale technologies and projects that are needed to reverse climate change.

Contact us

This is not an easy topic. We get it. Please refer to our FAQ section or get in touch if you have questions or wish to learn more. If you are a supplier or project developer in carbon removal or reduction we would also love to hear from you.