AXIS Aviation boosts carbon neutral efforts with Azzera partnership

Leading aircraft management business AXIS Aviation is bolstering its carbon-neutral efforts through a new partnership with aviation sustainability solutions company Azzera.

AXIS Aviation is integrating Azzera CELESTE, a one-stop-shop emissions management software, into its own asset management platform. This will provide real-time data capture and emissions visualization for customers looking to understand and compensate for their flight carbon footprint. The new cooperation will also involve Azzera taking responsibility for all requirements related to AXIS Aviation’s emissions compliance management.

Kerstin Mumenthaler, accountable manager Switzerland, AXIS Aviation, says: “AXIS Aviation is committed to sustainability best practices. Our collaboration with Azzera will provide us with the tools and insights required to evaluate and proactively reduce our carbon footprint.

“Sustainability has rightly become a key focus for business aviation. Our cooperation with Azzera will not only ensure our own initiatives are regulated and effective but will further support our customers. By integrating CELESTE into our own asset management platform, we can offer customers full visibility into the environmental impact of their travel while making it easier to opt into offsetting programmes.”

AXIS Aviation and Azzera plan to deepen their cooperation through additional projects in the future, with Azzera set to conduct an assessment of AXIS Aviation’s carbon footprint by the end of 2024.  

Puja Mahajan, CEO and founder of Azzera, comments: “Our partnership with AXIS Aviation underscores our dedication to pioneering new sustainability benchmarks within the Swiss business aviation sector. By integrating the CELESTE platform into AXIS Aviation’s asset management system, we’re not just aiming for compliance. We are enhancing transparency and control over emissions for AXIS customers, utilizing cutting-edge digital solutions to simplify and optimize their environmental impact management.”

AXIS Aviation’s commitment to sustainability also includes a comprehensive policy spanning everything from energy use to efficient flight planning. To find out more, visit AXIS Aviation’s website:

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