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Azzera’s flight emissions calculator leverages the largest private aircraft database in the market to help you calculate your flight carbon emissions and mitigate your impact.¬†

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How to Calculate your Flight Carbon Footprint?

Azzera’s Fly Net Zero emissions calculator employs aircraft type or size as a basis for determining emissions per hour. Each aircraft consumes a specific average amount of fuel during its flying time, and this fuel consumption directly translates into emissions. In the subsequent step, by taking into account the flight route or duration, the calculator generates an estimated carbon footprint for the flight.

How to Reduce your Flight Carbon Footprint?

Upon calculating the emissions your flight generates, the next step is to take action and mitigate your climate impact. You can reduce your flight carbon footprint after the flight by utilizing sustainable aviation fuel credits. Azzera’s book and claim system enables you to select the desired percentage of emissions reduction. Through this system, you can claim the environmental advantages of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) burnt in another location. Azzera undertakes the evaluation, procurement, and retirement of SAF credits on your behalf, ensuring their quality and effectiveness in reducing your flight emissions.

How Can a Flight be Net Zero?

After utilizing SAF credits, any remaining emissions are categorized as unavoidable. In the last phase of your mitigation initiatives, Azzera presents an extensive selection of High-Quality Carbon Credit Projects, all of which have undergone a comprehensive assessment and rating process through the Azzera Impact scoring system. The Azzera impact score guarantees that all the projects offered have been thoroughly evaluated and rated to ensure their quality and effectiveness in compensating for carbon emissions.

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