QCM Partners with Azzera to Drive Sustainability in Switzerland and European Business Aviation Market

Bern, Switzerland – May 28, 2024 – Q.C.M. Holding AG, a recognized industry leader in the implementation and ongoing compliance with aviation standards and requirements, announces a strategic partnership with Azzera, a leading sustainability solutions provider.

This collaboration will empower a broad network of aircraft operators, financial institutions, and family offices to accurately measure and manage their environmental impact and fleet emissions, marking a significant advancement in QCM’s journey towards Net Zero emissions.

As part of this initiative, QCM will facilitate a comprehensive emissions measurement across its value chain, offering stakeholders the tools needed to complete a detailed greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. This effort underscores QCM’s commitment to transparency and accountability in environmental stewardship within the European business aviation community.

Supporting Clients with their Sustainability Efforts

Capitalizing on QCM’s vital intermediary role between financial institutions and asset owners/operators, the partnership aims to redefine sustainability standards across the sector. Guided by Azzera’s expertise and digital solutions such as CELESTE – an all-in-one emissions management software – the initiative will involve an extensive analysis of carbon footprints and the development of robust strategies to mitigate climate risks.

“Through our collaboration with Azzera, we’re demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility within the aviation business. Our combined efforts will provide our clients and the broader community with the necessary insights and tools to understand and accurately report on their environmental impact, and empower them to actively reduce it,” says Luke Oppliger, CEO of QCM’s Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO).

Puja Mahajan, CEO and founder of Azzera added, “We are excited to partner with QCM to further drive meaningful change in the aviation industry. Our expertise in emissions management will support QCM’s commitment to achieving Net Zero, ensuring that their clients can meet both current and emerging sustainability regulations effectively.”

The partnership is just the beginning of QCM’s enhanced focus on sustainability. Looking forward, QCM and Azzera plan to expand their efforts to include more comprehensive services that support environmental accountability and sustainability in the sector.

About QCM

Q.C.M. holding AG is a leading provider in the aviation industry, known for its commitment to quality and excellence across aircraft design, regulatory and Part-147 training, consulting, and aircraft technical management. Founded in 1999, QCM is celebrating 25 years of delivering top-tier services and solutions which support clients globally with the implementation of applicable aviation standards & requirements, and in the continuous compliance with them. 

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