Azzera and Skylegs Join forces in the Launch of Azzera Celeste

Azzera, a pioneer in emissions calculation and mitigation solutions, and Skylegs, the leading aviation management platform, are excited to announce a pivotal partnership aimed at bolstering a greener future for the aviation industry. This alliance echoes our joint dedication to environmental sustainability and fostering the move towards net-zero emissions in aviation. By integrating our advanced emissions calculation and mitigation solutions into the Skylegs platform, we are enabling their clients to effortlessly monitor and offset their carbon emissions. This potent collaboration of expertise equips aviation companies to operate more responsibly, thereby aiding in the creation of a more sustainable industry. In recent months and years, Azzera has observed that many Skylegs customers have expressed interest in offsetting their emissions, voluntarily or otherwise, but were unsure of how to navigate the market or various projects. This collaboration with Skylegs renders this critical step achievable.

Skylegs, a company highly regarded for its proficiency in aviation management software, provides comprehensive solutions that optimize flight operations, aircraft management, safety protocols, and more. Our partnership with Skylegs allows us to extend our reach and provide a more comprehensive suite of tools to help companies transition towards net-zero emissions.

Azzera’s pioneering approach to emissions calculation and net zero strategies, and dedication to helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint has been well acknowledged. By partnering with Skylegs, we are able to broaden our influence, facilitating more aviation companies to implement sustainable solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener future for the industry.

Azzera and Skylegs both understand the significance of joining forces to address the pressing global issue of climate change. This partnership symbolizes a unified vision for a sustainable aviation future and demonstrates our collective commitment to effecting positive change in the industry.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Skylegs to bring our clients a sustainable solution that aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly business practices,” said Puja Mahajan CEO of Azzera. “By integrating our emissions calculation and mitigation solutions into the Skylegs platform, we can help our clients to evaluate their carbon footprint, offset their emissions, and work towards achieving their sustainability targets. The depth of calculations and analytics already implemented within Skylegs, combined with our access to the market and the vetted, worthy projects we bring, makes this collaboration exceptionally potent.”

About Skylegs:
Skylegs is a leading provider of aviation management software, providing comprehensive and novel solutions for flight operations, aircraft management, and safety compliance. Skylegs is committed to promoting sustainable practices within the aviation industry and empowering its clients to make a positive impact on the environment.

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