Azzera Celeste: Certified for 2023 Aviation Emissions Compliance by Verifavia

Azzera CELESTE exporting a compliance report
Azzera CELESTE exporting a compliance report

Montreal / Zurich, February 6, 2024 – Azzera, a leader in sustainability solutions for aviation, is pleased to announce the successful completion of an independent audit of its CELESTE platform conducted by Verifavia, a leading environmental validation and verification body.  

Verifavia, part of the Normec Group, is renowned for its thorough emissions verifications, servicing a broad portfolio of over 330 airline clients and 150+ airports in more than 110 countries. The company’s expertise in verifying major emissions trading schemes, including the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), Swiss Emissions Trading System (CH ETS) and United Kingdom Emissions Trading System (UK ETS), positions it as a trusted verifier. 

This audit proved the accurate functionality of the CELESTE platform and confirmed its alignment with the 2023 emissions compliance reporting period. The Azzera CELESTE platform automatically segregates flights into the correct carbon compliance market of CORSIA, EU ETS, UK ETS and CH ETS, saving aviation operators countless hours. Aircraft operators are informed about their emissions which provide a comprehensive understanding and help identifiy reporting and monitoring obligations across diverse regulatory frameworks. In addition, CELESTE highlights data gaps, such as missing flight legs and any errors in fuel data, allowing the user to manage data gaps and seamlessly export data for direct reporting. 

Puja Mahajan, CEO and Founder of Azzera expressed satisfaction with the audit results, stating, “Verifavia’s audit was a critical step in affirming the robustness and reliability of CELESTE. This verification not only reassures us of our platform’s capabilities but also provides our clients with the confidence that their emissions management and reporting are being handled in accordance with all major ETS programs.” 

CELESTE’s innovative approach does not stop at emissions calculations. The platform also serves as the first one-stop-shop for all emissions-related activities, connecting data and insights directly with a marketplace for SAF credits, ETS allowances, CORSIA credits, and voluntary carbon credits. 

“The certification audit of the CELESTE platform is a testament to Azzera’s commitment to excellence and professionalism. The audit confirmed that CELESTE adds value to its users by ensuring compliance with emissions regulations. Given the increasingly stringent legislative context, robust tools like CELESTE are essential for improving the decision-making process through accurate reporting and high-quality throughput.” – Nicolas Duchene, President, Verifavia 

Notes to Editors:

  • Azzera will exhibit at AirOps 2024, Brussels, February 21-22, booth #22
  • Puja Mahajan, CEO and Founder of Azzera, will showcase CELESTE at the “Tech-Driven Evolution: Enhancing Connectivity in 2024 Flight Operations”. In addition, Puja is available for interviews via video, voice or in-person at AirOps.
  • Azzera’s Chief Innovation Officer, Anant Jain, will participate in the “SAF case study: the Quest for Sustainable Aviation Fuel” panel at AirOps on February 21 at 10:00 AM.

About Verifavia: 
Verifavia, a member of the Normec Group, holds ISO 17029 accreditation as an independent verification body specializing in greenhouse gas emissions for the aviation and maritime sectors. The firm boasts proficiency in the meticulous management of hazardous material inventories on ships. Dedicated to propelling decarbonization in the transportation sector, Verifavia offers a wide range of audit services tailored to meet diverse regulatory frameworks and initiatives. This includes emissions trading, carbon offsetting, insetting practices, and adherence to mandatory as well as voluntary environmental protocols.

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