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Forest Conservation in Canada

Located in Abitibi, a forest region in northern Quebec, Monet forest has been highly harvested in the last 75 years. 

The Monet forest is also a critical habitat for the woodland caribou, an endangered species threatened by anthropogenic activities, and in the traditional territory of indigenous communities. 

Supporting the protection allows the conservation of the large boreal forest of Monet and prevents all harvesting activities between 2016 and 2076.

The high “Additionality” of this project demonstrates a high financial dependence. Additional projects heavily depend of support from carbon credits to make a difference.

Renewable Energy in Turkey

The transition to Net Zero demands adjustment to energy infrastructure across the globe. The cost of investment in renewable energies is a barrier to new installations and to the decarbonization of the sector.

Close to 80% of electricity in Turkey is produced from Carbon-Intensive sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. The project consists of 25 wind turbines with a 3,6 MW capacity. The estimated electricity generation of the project activity is 177,330 MWh per year. The efficient utilization of available wind energy by project activity will replace the grid electricity.

This project is Creating jobs and opportunities for the wind energy sector in the region.

Capturing methane from wastewater​


The impact of methane gas released in the atmosphere is 20-32% higher than CO2. Waste decomposition from treatment plants naturally decompose and emit methane into the atmosphere.  To avoid this, methane produced in the Kubratovo wastewater treatment plant is captured in common methane tanks and then supplied to the newly installed CHP gas engines for electricity and heat production, which in turn will substitute both the plant’s electricity purchases from the grid and diesel fuel usage. Excess electricity is then supplied to the grid. 

This project takes a leap toward creating sustainable cities and communities by repurposing methane emission for electricity and heat production.

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