Frequently Asked Questions


What does net zero mean ?
Net zero is a state wherein greenhouse gases emitted are then balanced by a removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
What is a carbon offset credit?
A carbon offset credit is a transferrable certified instrument to represent an emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2 (or an equivalent amount of other GHGs).

Individuals, organizations, and businesses can purchase a carbon offset credit and then choose to either trade or can “retire” the credit. If retired, the purchaser can claim the offset as a part of their reduction towards their own GHG reduction goals.
What is the difference between compliance offsets and voluntary offset programs?
Compliance markets are created and regulated by mandatory national, regional, or international carbon reduction legislation. Alternatively, voluntary markets operate outside of compliance markets and allow companies or individuals to purchase carbon offsets on a voluntary basis under no mandate.
Why would a company want to purchase carbon offsets?
Investing in carbon offset projects allows organizations to take immediate action to reduce their greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint.

Voluntary carbon offsets are often purchased in coordination with public relations efforts or sustainability campaigns to present a company or organization as an active climate actor.
What is a carbon credit project?
A carbon offset project can be defined as any project or activity that reduces the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Carbon offset projects are only verified if the project can consistently demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, above the status quo.
What are the different types of carbon projects?
Some examples of carbon offsets projects include wind farms, forest conservation, solar energy, hydropower, developing new technologies, etc.
Are there different types of carbon credits?
Carbon emissions offsets can be either avoidance offsets or removal offsets.

Avoidance offsets are generated by activities that reduce future emissions through emissions prevention (building a wind farm instead of new natural gas energy).

Removal offsets extract existing carbon from the atmosphere.
Why are there differences in price depending on the type of project?
Prices of carbon credits can vary depending on the technology involved in the project.

Moreover, carbon credits adhere to supply and demand market-based values. Therefore, the prices of projects can vary depending on the supply and demand.
How do Azzera select the recommended offset projects?
Azzera uses a proprietary algorithm based on the client’s Carbon Footprint Calculation and location to offer them the best suited projects. Alternatively, clients can select their own carbon offset projects through our e-commerce page.
What is third party verification?
Every certified carbon project undergoes an independent verification process that evaluates and quantifies the GHG emissions that the project neutralizes.

Azzera offers a selection of the highest quality offset credits with the lowest risk to ensure our client’s investment does the most.
What is a carbon offset registry?
There are several carbon offset registry systems which serve to identify carbon offset projects, provide serial numbers for each carbon offset credit for the purposes of tracking the credit, and ultimately establish the legal owner of the offset credit.
Does purchasing carbon credits eliminate the need for emissions reduction?
Investing in carbon offsets is a crucial step toward reducing carbon emissions and achieving net zero. However, purchasing carbon offsets should be part of a holistic sustainability program, which includes emissions reduction targets.
How do I calculate my carbon footprint?
Individuals can calculate their carbon footprint through our online tool here.

Businesses can reach out here to schedule a consultation with one of our partners. 
How do I retire my offsets?
Azzera will retire client’s carbon credits on their behalf. Clients will receive an official Azzera Retirement Certificate, which details all offsets retired and the date of purchase.
Where are my retirement certificates?
Retirement certificates can be found in your user profile found here.
What is greenwashing?
Greenwashing is when a company or individual does the bare minimum to be labeled “sustainable” for the purpose of advertising themselves as a sustainable company, brand, etc.

At Azzera we carefully select the highest quality carbon offset projects, which are carefully vetted to ensure they make a significant positive environmental contribution. 

Azzera does not condone greenwashing of any form and believes carbon offsets should be used when possible in partnership with a broader sustainability strategy aimed at emissions reduction. 
What are carbon project co-benefits?
Co-benefits are the additional social benefits associated with a carbon offset project.

Examples can include improved air quality, land conservation and habitat protection, additional jobs for local community members, and community health benefits.