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Let's climb higher.
Live naturally zero.

We take care of everything related to your carbon footprint.

From measuring it to setting it to zero.

We are not tree huggers. We are business people. And we believe that investing in the protection of our climate shouldn’t be a struggle. This is why we founded Azzera.

Whether you are a business owner looking for a meaningful and simple way to integrate sustainability into your business, or an individual looking to act in some way against climate change, we understand you.

We will support you to be a naturally zero company or live a naturally zero lifestyle.

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We will help you communicate how you have achieved your climate goals.

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Guided process

and one stop shop.

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Each project is carefully assessed using Azzera Impact RatingTM

Support climate positive projects to stay naturally net zero.

Azzera for business

Prepare your business for upcoming legislation

We’re your solution to be carbon neutral. We want you to focus on your business while we are taking care of everything related your carbon footprint. From measuring to setting it to zero. 


Choose your best Azzera solution and relax. You can fly carbon neutral just for one flight or for your entire operation on a monthly or yearly basis.

Private Aviation Specialist

With over 25 years of experience in the field of private aviation, we will not only calculate your emissions but also work with you to select the right offset strategy. You can decide which climate friendly projects you will support with your carbon offset fee. Our certificates, delivered immediately, will then prove your flights were carbon neutral. Customize to your need.

Azzera for you

Keep your lifestyle. Make it naturally zero

Your lifestyle is important to you but you really want to make a difference for future generations . We can help you offset your lifestyle by selecting impactful projects from our carefully curated portfolio.

We believe in a society that is naturally net zero.

Get to know us

Puja mahajan (BW)


CEO & Founder

Puja Mahajan is an experienced C-level executive who excels in building innovative and service oriented organizations.  As Founder and CEO of Azzera her goal is to  make sustainabilty effortless for her peers and clients.  Azzera represents a return to the impactful work of her early career when she studied alternative fuels for fuel cells for the Canadian Department of National Defense and Ballard Power Systems in Vancouver Canada. Born in Canada, Puja is a citizen of the world, speaking 5 languages and having lived in 5 countries. Puja holds a B.Eng from McGill University with a minor in environmental engineering.

Nick houseman(BW)



Nick Houseman is an investor and shareholder in several ventures. Born in Singapore and lived in 5 different countries, Nick has always been interested in international issues. As Advisor & Co-founder, Nick brings a wealth of experience, having founded several ventures and invested in several others he has had both success and failure across industries as diverse as aviation, marketing, app indexing, enhanced vision technology. He has seen the highs and lows that comes with starting a new venture. Nick has BA in economics and political science from McGill University in Montreal and an MBA from Concordia University in Montreal.



Chief Technical Officer

Fadi Albatal is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and senior executive experienced in innovating and building enterprise software products. As the CTO of Azzera Fadi is leading the technology vision and strategy and managing the development of the Azzera technology platform. Fadi held executive positions in startups and global Fortune 100 companies with focus software products development and commercialization. Fadi Holds a MS in software engineering from ESIG.

Our partners

We are working with partners in Canada, Switzerland, Italy and Vietnam. Want to be part of our growing international team? We would love to hear from you.

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